Find out which is the best Le Mans grandstand to watch the iconic 24-hour race for you at the Circuit de la Sarthe

Heading to the 24 Hours of Le Mans is a real commitment: over a day’s worth of racing, with practice sessions, qualifying, camping and entertainment throughout the week. If you’re thinking about booking your place at Le Mans, you want to be sat in the perfect position for the race.

Where to watch

There are two main Le Mans grandstand areas at the Circuit de la Sarthe. The first (and most popular) area is on the start/finish straight, stretching the full 640m opposite the pit garages, grandstands T11 through to T23, each offer unique vantage points.

The other main spectator area runs from outside the first turn through to turn five. These grandstands offer panoramic views of the opening sequence, where much of the action throughout the weekend takes place.

With a few other grandstands dotted around the circuit, the guide below will provide the knowledge you need to decide on where to sit.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Circuit de la Sarthe is an enormous track, and most of it is not covered by a grandstand. Fans are encouraged to explore as much of the track on foot as possible with a General Admission ticket (note: all grandstand tickets MUST be accompanied by a General Admission ticket when booking with Motorsport Travel Destinations).

Le Mans Grandstand map
Grandstand map for the 24 Hours of Le Mans
Grandstand NumberGrandstand NamePrice Per Seat
T1Tertre Rouge£200 – SOLD OUT
T3Chapelle£200 – SOLD OUT
T5Dunlop£250 – SOLD OUT
T12Benoist£200 – SOLD OUT
T14Bernato£200 – SOLD OUT
T16Sommer£250 – SOLD OUT
T20Leonard£250 – SOLD OUT
T34Paddock Stands£200 – SOLD OUT

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Best Le Mans grandstands for the 24h race

T1 – Tertre Rouge

Action zones: Turns 4, 5 and 6
Seat type: Grandstand
Covered: Yes
Numbered seating: Yes

Tetre Rouge is the name of a famous pub on the outside of the start of the Mulsanne Straight. The bar, which is hugely popular with fans visiting the race, lends its name to the ‘S’ section at turns 6 and 7, and the entrance to the long Mulsanne Straight at turn 8.  

T3 – Chapelle

Action zones: Dunlop Bridge and Turn 4
Seat type: Grandstand
Covered: Yes
Numbered seating: Yes

T3 offers an awesome panoramic view of the opening section of the race. It is located just after the Dunlop Bridge, which allows fans to cross the track. The cars emerge from the crest of a hill, and power down towards the Forest esses. On the opening laps, these corners can provide pinch-points for cars making early moves. The changes in undulation coupled with the twisting sections can also catch drivers out both in dark and wet conditions.

T4 – Panorama

Action zones: Dunlop Bridge and Turn 4
Seat type: Grandstand
Covered: Yes
Numbered seating: Yes

The T4 Grandstand is a prime spot for action during the 24-hour race. It’s located at the foot of the Dunlop Bridge, providing good access to the infield and campsites, accompanied by a giant screen to follow the action. It’s at the top of the uphill climb from turn 1, allowing unobstructed viewing of the Dunlop Curve (turn 1) through the Dunlop Chicane (turns 2 and 3). You’ll see any action on the first lap, where cars are known to make diving early moves to establish an upper hand.

T5 – Dunlop

Action zones: Turns 1, 2 and 3
Seat type: Grandstand
Covered: Yes
Numbered seating: Yes

The T5 Grandstand is next to T4, and closer to the Dunlop Curve at T1. The Dunlop Chicane is right in front of this grandstand, which provides opportune drivers with a chance of an overtake. This is an ideal spot for amateur photographers, as the cars are forced to slow for the quick sequence of turns. You’ll also be able to see the cars speed under the Dunlop Bridge, and have a view of the big screen to catch the race elsewhere.

Le Mans Grandstand
A view of the grandstands on the pit straight at Le Mans

T11 – T22

Action zones: Start-finish line, starting grid, pit lane
Seat type: Grandstand
Covered: Partially, at higher rows
Numbered seating: Yes

There are several grandstands along the main straight. Any of these grandstands are a great place to soak up the pre-race atmosphere, as the drivers prepare amidst the hubbub of the circus on the grid.

T11 (Wimille) overlooks turn 1, and is slightly further up the road from the grid. You will see the cars swoop around the first turn, and brake for the Dunlop Chicane approximately 200m in front of you.

T12 (Benoist) is closer to the entry of the curve where the drivers are at high speed, and is closer to the track then T11. You will also have a good view of the pit lane exit, as the cars rejoin the race following repairs or driver changes.

T13 (Singher) and T14 (Bernato) are closer to the pit lane exit. You’ll see the cars take on the Dunlop Curve from a distance, but won’t be able to catch the action at turns 2 and 3. That doesn’t mean it will be short of action, however, as brave drivers will position their cars for a turn 1 overtake in front of these stands.

T15 (Chinetti) has a similar view to that of T14, but it is in line with the wall of the pit lane exit. This means you will see the cars after they have emerged from the pit lane. However, the pit boxes themselves will be in view, so fans can monitor the repairs and driver changes in real time.

T16 (Sommer), T17 (Durand), T18 (ACO) and T19 (Lagache) have a similar view. Set along the pit straight, you will be able to see into the pit lane into most of the garages. This is opposite T34, a grandstand built above the pit boxes. In any of these four grandstands, you’ll soak up the pre-race atmosphere, and feel the roar of more than 60 cars setting off for the start of the race.

T20 (Leonard), T21 (Tavano) and T23 (Raccordement) are closer to the grid and finish line. Here, you’ll have a view of the ceremonial start of the race, the winning moment on Sunday, and will be able to see the podium ceremony in clear view on the opposite side of the track.

T23 – Raccordement

Action zones: Turns 30, 31, 32 and 33, and the finish line
Seat type: Grandstand
Covered: Yes
Numbered seating: Yes

T23 overlooks the final two chicanes on the circuit, often referred to as the Ford Chicanes. The cars are at their slowest point to navigate these technical corners, before speeding to the finish line. On qualifying day, these corners are vital to nail to ensure an optimum timed lap. This is also where the cars peel off into the pit lane, so fans will see any strategy key calls being triggered.

The Paddock Grandstands at Le Mans
The Paddock Grandstands at Circuit de la Sarthe

T34 – Paddock Stands

Action zones: Start-finish line, pit lane and garages
Seat type: Grandstand
Covered: Partially, at higher rows
Numbered seating: Yes

The Paddock Stands are a racing nerds dream. The grandstand is right above the pit lane, and fans can overlook into the pit lane as the cars pull in for a service, or driver changes. This completely unique view offers an alternative perspective to the race, and places fans at the heart of the strategic and engineering elements of racing. Fans don’t lose out on racing either, with the cars speeding along the pit straight at high speeds before approaching the first turn. It’s the only grandstand on the inside of the circuit, and due to its positioning, not much of the track other than the final corner exit, finish line and entry to turn 1 are visible. But that won’t detract from a thoroughly unique race day experience.

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