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Monte Carlo
Nice Airport

Monaco Historic Grand Prix

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Five cars led by a classic McLaren Formula 1 car race through the Tabac corner in Monaco in front of the yacht harbour and a grandstand filled with fans


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Iconic racing legends take to the streets of Monte Carlo

Every two years, some of the world’s most iconic racing machines take to the tight streets of Monte Carlo to pay homage to the legendary event at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

Organised by the Automobile Club of Monaco, the event is a precursor to the Formula 1 Grand Prix that follows it. Classic racing cars take to the streets of Monte Carlo to race around the same Grand Prix circuit modern F1 cars will also race around in May.  

This tribute to the Monaco Grand Prix attracts motor racing fans from across the world. As well as a weekend of racing, spectators enjoy the glamorous lifestyle Monaco has to offer: the iconic casino, picturesque harbour, and elegant hospitality.

Motorsport Travel Destinations offers accommodation and VIP hospitality packages. The hospitality offering is located is on the 7th floor of the Heracles Palace, overlooking the start-finish straight and turn one, Sainte Dévote. Here, spectators will enjoy the bar that includes soft and alcoholic drinks, dine on a light buffet luncheon, and stay abreast of the on-track action with TV screens in the suite and opposite the track.

After sessions, spectators gain access to the paddock to inspect and admire the cars after they have been on track.

As part of the package, accommodation is included. The options include Hotel Splendid in nearby Nice or the Hotel Metropole in the heart of Monte Carlo opposite Casino Square.

Discover the different options available with Motorsport Travel Destinations before booking your accommodation and hospitality package for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix.