Making the most of the fantastic French cuisine is a must while you're in Le Mans so here are our recommendations.

The Race of the Century is fast approaching. Every year, the legendary town of Le Mans in northwest France welcomes hundreds of thousands of people, all eager to be part of this prestigious sporting occasion.

The town is flooded with vibrant international activity surrounding the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the racegoers need to be well fed and watered while they’re away from the track.

With an impressive array of bars and restaurants to suit everyone’s tastes, the culinary possibilities are endless in Le Mans, but for us there are a few that stand out.

Here are our recommendations when it comes to the best restaurants in Le Mans.

Five of the best Le Mans Restaurants

1. La Baraque à Bœuf – 11 Pl. Saint-Pierre, 72000

La Baraque à Bœuf

Tucked away in the heart of the Old Town of Le Mans, La Baraque à Bœuf offers a range of quintessentially French dining. With chic, classical decor, and an impressive range of desserts, this spot is one we definitely recommend on a trip to Le Mans. For steak lovers it is a must – just don’t be alarmed if you find a cheeky hashbrown hidden underneath it!

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Contact: +33 2 43 28 06 07

2. Le Vigo – Le Vigo, 2 Rue Gambetta, 72000

Le Vigo, Le Mans

The perfect place to grab lunch or have a drink after a long day of racing, Vigo is also located in the dead centre of Le Mans. Convenient and always with a decent atmosphere on race weekends, Vigo is open a little later, until 11pm. The restaurant is traditionally French in style, and usually has free tables both in and outside.

Contact: +33 2 43 87 71 58

3. L’Office – 33ter Pl. de la République, 72100

L'Office, Le Mans

L’Office Bar Brasserie is ideally located in the centre of Le Mans, close to many of the hotels. Its classy interior is also reflected on the menu with a wide range of culinary offerings, including a sumptuous seafood section. It is also open until 1am, making it the perfect place to while away the long French summer evenings.

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Contact: +33 2 43 20 70 70

4. Courtine – 21 Pl. de l’Éperon, 72100

Courtine, Le Mans

Built into the ancient walls of the city, the gourmet restaurant Courtine offers set lunch menus from €11.90. Boasting 100% homemade dishes, and a varied selection of vegan and gluten free options, this fresh appearance on the Le Mans restaurant scene is well worth checking out. They also pride themselves in speaking English – good news for international racegoers.
Contact: +33 2 43 77 01 39

5. Brasserie Madeleine – 7 Pl. des Jacobins, 72000

Brasserie Madeleine

Looking for lunch with a view? The enormous windows of Brasserie Madeleine look out onto the spectacular Cathédrale Saint-Julien du Mans, which dates as far back as the sixth century! The menu is simple but elegant, with real quality and generous portions. The family run business offers seafood specialties which go perfectly with a fine French wine.
Contact: +33 2 43 52 71 64

Food Specialities of Le Mans

Not sure what local specialities to try during your visit? Here are three local specialities you simply have to try!

Rillettes du Mans

This slow-cooked, heavily salted pork dish is an apéro favourite and was popularised in Le Mans during the 19th century. Serve on bread or crackers with gherkins and wash down with a red Bourgueil.

Chapon du Mans

Also known as Loué capon, chapon du Mans has been a firm favourite since the 17th century. It’s renowned for its tender and juicy meat, thanks to its unique rearing and feeding process and is usually roasted and served with regional vegetables. Best paired with a glass of Chablis 1er Cru.

Spiced cauliflower soup

A Loire region speciality, this soup is made with cauliflower, onions, garlic, celery, leek and a range of spices such as turmeric and cumin. It’s typically served with a unique curry sabayon topping, giving it its distinct flavour.  Best served as a starter with curried croutons for added crunch.

Le Mans Cathedral

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